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By rkni75
Jan 28, 2006
  1. Hello guys and girls,
    I bought a dell 4600 from a friend. It has been working just fine until last night. As I push the button on the tower nothing happens. A friend suggested I buy a power supply. So I bought a new power supply and still nothing happens when I push the power button. Someone else suggested cpu. The thing is I would take it somewhere to get checked out but I want to fix it myself. Can someone give me some tips on what to do?
  2. iss

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    is the power LED showing on the mobo? if it isnt first reinstall the dell power supply. if the power led on the mobo is then lit follow the steps below.(Dell used to use proprietary PSU and mobos whose power connectors were reversed from standard ones.)

    Sounds like you are experiencing the "Dell lockup" syndrome that dell is notorious for.

    what you have to do is unplug the computer, hold in the power button for several seconds to drain any residual power then strip all the components from the mobo except the processor. then plug in and power up, repeat the process as you add each component back. at some point you should start getting beeps from the mobo. this indicates the system is trying to boot. once you have all components reinstalled your system should boot.
  3. rkni75

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    thanks I will give it a try
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