New video on YouTube -- let me know your thoughts..

By SammyJames
Sep 21, 2011
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    I pretty much shot and edited the whole thing myself. The music is mine too. Yes, I"m a one-man video/music director/producer machine. But I didn't do this ALL alone...

    The camera was provided by my good friend, IMACPU. He stuck an old Lumix camera in the mail to send it to me. The camera works great -- the flash is dead, but the lens has no (obivious) scratches on it, so I think that it worked just fine.

    Most of the shots were done using a tripod. The ones where I'm being followed were provided by my mom and dad.

    The song is part of a larger work called The Mall of Generica whose worldwide release is imminent. It should be on iTunes and Amazon soon.

    Thanks for watching. Take care.

    - Sammy

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