NF7-S BIOS adds nVidia System Utility Support

By Per Hansson
Nov 29, 2003
  1. I reported a month ago that nVidia had released a utility that lets you overclock your nForce mainboard from within Windows. It then listed the Abit NF7-S mainboard as one of the few that should work with this utility.

    Today Abit has released a updated BIOS that adds compability for this. The BIOS is however only for rev 2.0 users so even if my rev1.2 board had not failed I'd been left out in the dark. Just like all other rev 1.x users have been.
  2. prime2515102

    prime2515102 TS Rookie

    There's a utility that works quite well for what the 1.2 boards don't support (Vcore, Vdd and Vdimm adjusments, temp and voltage readings - no AGP voltage settings though, I don't know if nVidia's supports that either). There's no multiplier settings, but if you ask me the one in nVidia's utility is useless anyway because it requires a reboot (what's the point of doing it in Windows if you have to restart anyway right?).


    Note: Thanks to EQuito in the Abit forum for the link.

    P.S. Something else to note: For me the board temp is stuck at 208C (lol) but the CPU Temp is right inline with MBM.
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