nfsu2 for pc problem

By importracerfanv
Jun 18, 2005
  1. I have nfsu2 for pc and there are a couple of probs. The nitrous purge wont work, the neon wont work, and the headlight colors wont work. also, i cant find out how to do the engine swap. this isnt a madatory thing but its getting pretty annoying.
  2. soulasassin

    soulasassin TS Rookie

    when u are trying to do a nitrous purge can u hear the whooshing sound as the nos is released? if so then it means ur gfx card/ gfx card drivers may not be able to render the effects. either that or u may simply need to up the detail settings in the game itself. i had exactly the same issue running it on geforce fx5200
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