Nibiru Help

By cvance9
Apr 2, 2008
  1. I have recently purchased the Nibiru game (not from Bigfish, but the actual game) I have gotten as far as to Paris when it is time to put the ketchup on the hotdog and like other posts that I have read, my game too has the bad guy standing in the way of the ketchup right beside the Drunk in the white suit. I read the help post about pressing F12 but when I try that on my computer all it does is make him stop and walk back to the door. I have tried that trick numerous times and it still won't activate the ketchup. However, when I exit the hotel and return the drunk disappears but the bad guy is still blocking the ketchup and again F12 won't work. If anyone could please help I don't wanna give up on the game!!

    Please help THank Ya! :)
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