No Audio Device ? Apparently...

By Tonkyboy
Feb 8, 2006
  1. Anyone help ? I am trying to resolve an audio issue. I have installed a new basic sound card. All installed fine. According to device manager it is there, and working fine. In Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices> there is apparently no audio device installed. This happened with theOn board sound as well, which is why I tried a new sound card. Exactly the same, drivers install fine, Device Manager says all is well, but no audio device. I have tried deifferent drivers, it is not a BIOS issue, no conflicts, I have even restarted Windows Audio under Computer Management.
    If its any use, it is Windows XP Pro, upgraded from Win 98.
    I have tried all the usual, removal and reinstallation, making sure that the O/B sound is off etc. There are just no audio devices to choose from in control panel. I have even installed Media Player 10, because I could not find Windows Media Player installed. It is not my machine so I don't have all the info, just that it is a QDI KuDoz mainboard. I have installed up to date VIA Hyperion drivers.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Tonkyboy

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    Update on this thread.

    I believe that the Upgrade from Win 98 to XP Pro was done using a XP Professional N edition, the one without media player. But as I said previously, installation of Media Player 10 did not do the trick.
    Any ideas, I am comletely stumped. The owner said that the sound disappeared immediately that the upgrade was done last year.
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