No audio device installed? No sound at all

By andydalum
Jan 18, 2011
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  1. Ok so some background on the situation my computer got hit with a virus that disabled my computer so a friend at work whiped the whole thing and put a pirated version of xp on it. Now at first i thought i could just download the drivers but i could not find a link to get them. also im not sure if thats the problem in the first place ok so here is my computer information.

    It has xp on it like i said before and i have the legacy audio drivers in it.

    Idk if this helps at all but it's a everex stepnote model number va250e

    im not sure were to find what motherboard i have though and things i have tried are unistalling the drivers it says i have but don't show they are there and when i unistall and restart it finds new hardware but the wizard asks for a cd and i don't have one. i restored the bios all to default that didn't work. I downloaded the ac97 audio pack thing installed that and that didn't work if you need more info let me know and thank you so much if you can help me
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