No signal on monitor - everything else powers up

By N8T1308
Nov 15, 2008
  1. Hey guys just having a really hard time with my computer. I just installed a new PSU and i connected it to the PSU that was already powering my system. The new one is a Thermaltake Power Express 650W. The other one is a 650W that was running my computer before i added the new one. After installing the new PSU I recieve no image to my screen. It say "no signal" and then goes into sleep mode i believe (orange LED).
    Ive tried switching to the onboard video and that doesn't work. Ive tried another monitor and that doesnt work. Ive also tried using one Ram stick at a time and that doesnt work either. I wanted to try taking out my "CMOS"??? battery but its locked onto my mobo. I dont have the cajones to yank on it so im assuming it wont come off.
    Im at a loss of ideas so naturally I come to you:) Any help would be much appreciated. My specs are listed at the top right hand corner.
    thanks for your time...
  2. seanc

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    What do you mean you've connected it to the PSU that was already in there? Why do you want to have two?
  3. N8T1308

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    the new PSU is strictly for video cards....its a modular PSU that only has connectors for PCI-E adapters. It recieves power for through a 24-pin connector which is connected to the main power supply through its 24 pin connector. it then runs the power from the main PSU through my new PSU into the motherboard. and ill be doing alot with video cards in the future and thats why i have another PSU.
  4. N8T1308

    N8T1308 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    and on another note when i unplug me new PSU and just plug in the old one directly to the motherboard... everything including the monitor work!!!! What gives? am i not gonna be able to use my new PSU? i dont believe its dead because the 80mm fan runs smoothly, all the LED's work when supposed to and there is no foul smell or anything that could make me think its dead.
  5. seanc

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    What happens if you only use the new PSU?

    I don't understand what you're doing or why. A good quality, high wattage PSU will easily drive four graphics cards.

    Can you provide me with a source for which you've got your plan from?
  6. N8T1308

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    this is the new PSU and where i got it. Now just using my old Psu is not working either! The way its suppose to work is this...
    1) I unplug the 24 pin connector from my old PSU from the motherboard.
    2) Plug the 24 pin connector that came in box for new PSU into the mobo. The 24 pin connector does not connect to my new PSU. The only thing that does connect from the mobo connector to my new PSU is a 2 pin PS_on connector that is a part of the new 24 pin connector.
    3) now i plug my old PSU's 24 pin connector into the new 24 pin connector that is plugged into the mobo. (the new PSU connector has a 24 in connection on both ends).
    4) from here im supposed to connect my 4 pin or 8 pin connectors from my new PSU to my graphics cards.

    I hope that helps alittle bit. I called Best Buy's Geek Squad team and they said the PSU must be bad but that wouldn't explain why my old PSU isnt working either....

    Any Ideas?
  7. N8T1308

    N8T1308 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

  8. N8T1308

    N8T1308 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Found out my problem....took it to best buy Geek Squad and my motherboard AND processor got fried somehow... his guess was just too much power for them too handle so im out thanks to newegg
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