No Sound but everything else working in Vista

By rross48
Jul 1, 2008
  1. K so i had sound on my computer like the other day. Then all of a sudden iv lost all of my sound. Iv tried System restore iv tried reinstalling sound card driver.
    Windows says i hav sound and its working everything is working even the volume metre on windows. but thers nothing coming out. Iv tried using different speakers and earphones but nothing else works. theres just no sound. It cant b the speaker jack because i use three jacks for 5.1 surround sound speakers done through the software. So i dont know wat the problem is.
    Theres also a msg comes up everytime i press close on the realtek configuration dialog box.
    Rundll32 has stopped working and needs to close.
    and its only 4 this program it does it.

    Windows Vista 32bit
    latest realtek inbuilt sound card driver

    please help?
  2. Darth_Terra1

    Darth_Terra1 TS Rookie Posts: 212

    You haven't muted the channels by mistake have you, i ask as i know someone that had a similar problem and that turned out to be the cause. just some thing to check as the most simple things tend to be over looked.
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