No sound from my webcam?

By macx
Feb 25, 2007
  1. XP Pro, ASUS P4C800E-D board with "onboard" sound,
    have some speakers hooked into it which work fine.
    When I plug in my headphones, they work fine and
    of course cut out the speakers.

    Just got a Logitech Pro4000 webcam. Installed it, the
    video works fine. Tested the sound during the install
    process, I read the test line into the camera mike,
    the little sound bars went up and down as I read.
    However, when I tried to replay my test read, nothing.
    Had the headphones unhooked and the speakers turned on.
    Also tried it with the headphones, nothing either way.

    I'm sure there's just some setting I'm overlooking ??
    Both on the webcam control panel, and on Messenger,
    I have the onboard SoundMax selected for sound -
    only choice that comes up.

    Then hooked up to Yahoo Messenger, turned on the
    webcam, good video, don't think any sound is
    getting thru.

    Appreciate any tips / help!
  2. kanakajoe

    kanakajoe TS Rookie

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm kanakajoe, I'm new to this tech support forum, glad to meet you all.

    Smile, it's contagioius...:>)
  3. kanakajoe

    kanakajoe TS Rookie

    Video and no sound playback

    I too have the same problem. I did what Logitech suggessed and still no sound. Video and sound works seperately, but when I record a video the sound does not playback. This is also happening when I use Yahoo IM. Sound works both ways when using phone; video and sound works one way, the other end. I can see and hear them. When I turn on my webcam on the audio shuts off only on my end?

    I too need help

    Smile it's contagious. :>)
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