No Sound on my PC

By smashisleet
Apr 10, 2008
  1. Hello, I haven't had sound on my computer for quite a while now. I dont have any computer sounds or any audio at all. I have been to many a' websites via google and have found nothing to help me so i decided to make this post. I think i am just missing a driver or something im not sure what to do. i have yellow ? and ! when i go to my device manager. and i have no options at all in my control panel over my audio, anyway enough rambleing here is my specs if anyone can help me.

    Compaq Presario 061
    ACPI Uniprocessor PC
    Windows Xp Pro

    CPU Type : AMD Sempron, 1800 MHz (9 x 200) 3200+
    Mobo Name : Asus A8AE-LE (Amberine)
    Bios : Award (07/29/05)
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,268   +92

    Kind of a shot in the dark here, but try these drivers.
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