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By Fred
Sep 15, 2008
  1. Ok, i've gotten about 3 or 4 broken PC's from friends this year that have the same problem. They are have no video-It's like an epidemic. Turn them on and you get lights, you get fans, you can open the CD/dvd tray, the hard drives work ok in another pc, but no video. The screen just says "Self test...check your cable and PC" flashing every 3 seconds. Two of the PC's were HP's, and now I have an IBM ThinkCenter MT-M 9215-A1U. All had graphics cards built into the Mobo, so I put a PCI video card in there and still nothing. Then I put an AGP in there and nothing agian. I never hear it post, but then maybe the beep was shutoff and I can't get to the cmos settings anyway. I've tried to swap out the memory sticks. I've unplugged the HDD, the CD/DVD drives, the PCI devices. Any Ideas?
  2. serviceme

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    There's not a whole lot left for it to be, bar the PSU and mobo itself. You tried stripping it to the extreme basics, pulling out all ide/sata drives, any attatchments for the front panel and tried just running with ram and video?
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    Get yourself a PCI video card and try that. What make of motherboards are in these. Can you see the name or model numbers on the boards themselves? I have an old VIA chipset Athlon 1GHz board that is doing the same thing. I have tried 3 PCI video cards and a couple of AGP cards... no video at all.
  4. serviceme

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  5. Fred

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    IBM Think Centre has motherboard FC 8S661FXMTIU with Celeron D.

    Yeah, I've unplugged everything. Just Power, different ram, mobo and new video card.
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