Norton Antivirus Problem

By oliversvensson
Apr 9, 2004
  1. beginner.....using win ME.
    after running one button checkup using NSWorks 2003, got this error message which cant be fix by NSW itself:
    “C:\ Program Files \ Norton AntiVirus\ NAVLU32.EXE” cannot access a necessary file, “n32call.dll”
    is it some kind of virus or NAV crashes?
    how to fix this annoyance?
    help appreciated...many thanks....
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  3. Rick

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    I've seen this one before... Here's the information you need:

    The bad news is, you probably have a virus. The good news is, you should be able to reinstall NWS in normal mode and reboot in safe mode to disinfect your system using Norton Antivirus.

    If you are unable to get NAV to run properly, you may be able to use Symantec's online scan. It only scans, but does not clean.

    BUT, if you have an installation of Norton Antivirus on your computer that it recognizes, it should clean viruses for you. It may or may not work depending on how much of your NAV has been deleted or missing.

    Other causes may include file corruption, faulty hard drive or probably a host of software problems.
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