Not sure where this goes...internet and low mem

By Mekolo
Oct 9, 2003
  1. internet and low mem

    I get a program error that reads "scvhost.exe has generrated errors and will be closed by Windows, You will need to restart the program." There are 3 of this program under my task manager and i am not sure y it is showing up all the sudden. i have plenty of memory. when i try to open media player it says my comp has low memory and i have plenty. anyone know how to help with this?? btw thanks for moving it.
  2. Rick

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    Your SVCHOST problem is either a virus or a Windows problem (most likely). I recommend you run a virus scan (Free scans are available online). SVCHOST itself is a valid Windows program and there should be multiple ones.

    Did you upgrade your memory recently? If you install Windows 2000 or XP with low memory, it makes the pagefile very small. This in turn causes the "out of memory" errors that happen. You can adjust your pagefile settings here:

    Start/ Control panel/ System/ Advanced/ Performance/ Settings/ Advanced/ Change

    You should be looking at "Virtual Memory" settings. If the settings are low numbers (less than 128mb for example), then that is the reason for the low memory messages. If you could, please let us know how much memory you have and Windows you are using. Also tell me what numbers you see here for the Minimum and Maximum settings.
  3. Mekolo

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    i did just update memory i have 2 128megs in and i am now running Windows 2000 Pro. the virtual is at 350mb. min is 2 max is 576. should i max it or something?? ohh and also i can not for some reson go to certain sites since this has happend either and i can not paste or move files i will try a virus scan. and how do you keep the one screen up that show ur cpu speed and bios instead of going right through it?
  4. Mekolo

    Mekolo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I found my problem i have th msblast virus my g/f's dad told me how to find it if i have it and i do so i am getting norton and getting rid of it thx for ur help guys.
  5. Rick

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    msblast (or at least the variations I've seen) do not cause low memory.

    SVCHOST crashing is a side effect of blaster worm though.

    You can get rid of it for free at symantec's website. They have a free patch for it, and Microsoft has a patch which prevents future blaster worm attacks.
  6. Tarkus

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    it does on Win2k. probably all the dead svchosts laying around. That's the symptoms my friend was having on his system.
  7. Mekolo

    Mekolo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    where eactly is the patch and i have several thing that are 'supposed" to get rid of it but it doesn't .
  8. Mictlantecuhtli

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  9. Tarkus

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    The patch doesn't get rid of it, it just prevents reinfection, for info on getting rid of MSBlast I think here is a good reference...

    and make sure you get all the critical updates at Windows Update to protect against other vulnerabilities.
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