Not urgent - looking for info and comments on hyperWRT for Linksys routers

By sherrie777
May 28, 2010
  1. HyperWRT was suggested to me and I was looking to see if anyone has used it and had any comments, suggestions or links for more information. We use router in condo complex and we thought this might boost the range. We get low signal that works for everything else, web uploading, skype, etc. , but is apparently too low to use magicjack. We get disconnected or knocked off after a few minutes talking on magicjack. I am thinking that the low signal is the problem and maybe this would help.
    I have already updated the firmware and backed up settings on the Linksys. It seems a little risky although I do have another back up Linksys router.

    Nothing urgent, but would appreciate anyone's ideas. thank you.
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