Nothing appers on monitor when I start computer

By nutzy
May 23, 2008
  1. My computer was working fine i shut it off and took out the graphics card to try in another computer that was running vista and it ran fine i put it back in my computer that is running xp and now it will not give me any video to the monitor, the monitors yellow light is on and it wont turn to green i don't know why can someone help?
  2. andreww7474

    andreww7474 TS Rookie

    maybe try plugging it into the mobo monitor slot if that work reinstall the drivers for the GPU from CD if you have it or download them.

    apart form that i would guess putting in to the other computer may have currutp the card.
    have you try putting it back into the computer with vista on to see if it still work on that one?
  3. nutzy

    nutzy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah i put it back into the one running vista and everything worked fine so i put it back in the one running xp and nothing so im not really sure whats going on
  4. andreww7474

    andreww7474 TS Rookie

    ok so you know the card its self is fine, so it looks like a software issue or firmware on the card itself.
    plug the monitor in to the mobo on the back panel of the computer and use the on board graphics then reinstall the drivers,
    If that doesn't work try doing a windows repair in the setup screen, it could have lost the graphics drivers,
  5. nutzy

    nutzy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i figured it out it was a problem with the a drive creating the problem but it now works fine but thanks for the replys
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