Numerous pop-ups, security being disabled

By Dracoferret
Dec 29, 2008
  1. Well, I've seen a LOT of people get help on here, and now I'm in the same situation.

    Yesterday, my computer came down with a very LARGE load of tracking cookies and trojans, for reasons unknown (my routine seemed no different from any other day, no suspicious sites, etc). While I ran AVG and Spybot S&D to clear the majority out, a couple have been quite stuobborn.

    From what I can tell, I'm still receiving a number of popups (the most frequent abusers are adtrgt and sagipsul), and Windows Security Center keeps getting disabled. The Automatic Updates have been turned off and unable to turn back on, and at one point the firewall was turned off right in front of me (though I turned it back on, and it hasn't turned off again since).

    I'm not an EXPERT, but I know a little bit about computers... even so I'm stumped about how to fix this.

    I downloaded and ran HijackThis (I read in another thread to change the file name, because some malware can still hide from HijackThis.exe).

    Any information or steps about what I should do would be GREATLY appreciated!
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