Nvidia corrupt drivers

  1. Hi alot of people seem to have problems with nvidias latest drivers . So I recommend not to download anything above 306.97
    But if you do your gpu might loss the signal to the screen in games and more . If you have this problem it cannot be fixed even if you use Driversweeper+reformating+reset cmos+.
    And ho am I telling you this?? Well my gpu broke because of this and am just warning you not do download the latest driver such as 310. Anyway note everyone docent have this problem but many do goodluck gaming :D
  2. TheDreams

    TheDreams TS Addict Posts: 610   +61

    I downloaded the latest version and it is now running fine, no problems what so ever, well anymore at least. It kept using the old driver instead of the new one so I had to delete the old driver files and it is fine now.
  3. misor

    misor TS Evangelist Posts: 1,163   +197

    Lol, is this for real?
    from an amd fan "I am phenom".

    anyways, I have these old but still functional nvidia video cards, 9800gt 1gb ddr3 and g210 512mn ddr3; all running latest nvidia driver pack 310.90; windows 7 home premium x64 sp1; windows 8 pro x64 with windows media center pack.

    in case some driver updates "broke" your video card, can you please post the details so that others will benefit and nvidia will be properly notified? thanks.

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