Nvidia fx5700le 256mb or radeon 9800pro 256mb??????

By Jamiebarnes25
Jul 10, 2005
  1. This is mainly to settle a dispute between a freind and i, but here goes.
    I have an nvidia geforce FX5700 LE 256MB card and he has the Ati radeon 9800 pro 256MB card. We both agree eachother has decent cards for what we do with them.
    However at a lan party a few weeks ago we could not settle on who has the better card even though my 5700LE scored better on pc mark and 3d mark with about 100-300 points advantage, but he still wont have it that i have the better card. So, to settle this were putting this to you guys and girls who may know more than we do. Any answers would be greatly apreciated even if you do disagree with me.
    Thanx all
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  3. Jamiebarnes25

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    5700 or 9800

    i think his 15 quid asrock mobo may have summat to do with it and the fact that his 9800 is used b4 he got it may also contribute. i would say my abit an7 shud out perform an asrock anyways. infact i overclocked yesterday and got a pc mark score of 3482 compared to his 2857 and his is clocked further also. let me know if any of this matters to the performance of a gfx card.
    thanx jb

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    9800 pro should beat the 5700 LE, the 9800 pro beats the 5800 ultra too and i thnk in some cases the 5900 ultra. so the 9800 pro is defintely the all around better card
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