Nvidia Gigabyte G1 980Ti Fan issue. Each fan running at different RPM, Higher RPM than Fan Profle

By YoMcMuffin
Apr 18, 2016
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  1. So since yesterday Ive been having issues with my Gigabyte G1 980ti. Its a wind-force card so it has 3 fans. 1 fan (on the right) is quiet and is spinning at the correct RPM. However, the middle and left fan are spinning much faster and loader than the settings in OC Guru II. The right fan actually is louder than the middle. I have restarted my computer, I have tried a clean install of Nvidia's Drivers (I am using the latest drivers BTW). Even when OC Guru saying its at 0 RPM it spins quickly.

    Now no matter which game I play, Arma, GTA, Witcher 3 I get the same issue,

    Full Story So.. when did this start. It started last night, while playing Doom Open Beta. My computer got crazy loud. At first I thought is was the case fans because my GPU monitor shows the graphics card fans are only at 50%. (I had Vsync on at 60hz so the card was barley getting pushed). I clanged my case fan settings in Asus AI Suite. Nothing changed. So I quit Doom, took of my side panel and saw that my fans were moving slowly. Moving my hand around I felt the powerful breeze my GPU was making. Noticing this I restarted the PC hoping it would fix it. It did but only for a short while. The fans ramped up again. I decided to change to Auto Fan speed. It did quiet down & and drooped to 0 RPM, But the fan kept spinning. (That's on the Desktop BTW, no games). It eventuality stooped happening for the rest of the night, also got a chance to play Doom with the correct RPM. Until now when I just got home from work and It happened again, on the desktop.

    Currently at the moment my GPU monitor displays 175rpm = 4% fan speed at 29c. But both left and middle are spinning quickly.

    Any suggestions? thanks in advance.

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