Obsidian's 'Project Eternity' is the latest Kickstarter success story

By Shawn Knight
Sep 18, 2012
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  1. Obsidian Entertainment is the latest game developer to turn to public support to build a game rather than rely on a big name publisher. The company's latest effort is called Project Eternity and has already raised more than $1.5 million...

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  2. There is nothing "new" about a fantasy over-the-top view styled game. Why must everyone create something that has already been created time and time again?

    With such a talented group of designers & programmers, you would think some unique aspects would stand out. They don't.

    I played a game a few years back that allowed you to switch from top-down view into first person (Or over-the-shoulder third person) view. Although the game play wasn't all that great(Roman era typical hack & slash) the experience of commanding groups, then jumping directly into the battle was a great feat. Yet ignored by nearly every game.

    As for looking to kickstarter to fund projects that might not otherwise get off the ground - Absolutely terrific idea. I hope more innovation flows through proper funding more and more.
  3. "from the team that brought you..."

    they are still ashamed of the brilliant Alpha Protocol :(
  4. For $10,000 donation, you can play a board game or a pen and paper with them.


    I wish I had 10k to blow.

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