Ocasional BSOD's driving me NUTS

By andyalien
Oct 30, 2009
  1. I replaced my ASUS Motherboard for EVGA X58 Board and now I have occasional BSOD's
    Was running Vista Ultimate for a while, and now I switched to Windows 7 thinking maybe this will fix the issue , with the fresh installation and all. But it was just wishful thinking, it was running fine for about 2 weeks and boom, BSOD. It happens roughly every 2 weeks. Most of the time within minutes from a fresh morning start on a cold machine.
    Strangely enough each one is caused by a different file. So far I had 4 since beginning of September (counting Windows 7 only).
    At first I thought that memory is causing all this even thou I run Memtest for 24hrs with 0 errors.
    I decided to replace it with high quality Mushkin memory.
    The system is not overclocked, memory set to a factory voltage and timings.

    Can you guys check my attached dump files and give me some suggestions?
    Huge thanks in advance.
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