Older USB hard drives not recognized after Windows 10 upgrade

By tybalsinger
Jul 3, 2016
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  1. Since I upgraded to Window 10 my laptop doesn't recognize my older USB hard drives. They were all formatted under Windows 7 file system. Grant it, it has been a couple years since I have last tried to read/write to these 3 separate drives, I would think they should still be readable on any computer. I don't have any other computer to try to plug them up to so I haven't tried to see if they're able to be read on a different system. I bought a new usb hard drive and it has no problems being read/written to. Does anyone have any ideal as to why my older USB hard drives have become unusable? What are some trouble shooting steps I can take to try to remedy this issue?
  2. tybalsinger

    tybalsinger TS Rookie Topic Starter

    More INFO on USB drives not working. When I plug my usb drive up to my computer the light comes on saying that is has power going to it but the drives aren't recognized in either computer manager, device manager, it shows nothing at all plugged in but my drive I recently purchased works just fine.Surely I haven't had 3 seperate usb hard drives that has gone bad at the same time.

    Again Thanks For Your Help,
    Tyler B
    [email address deleted]
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  3. JamesandBennie

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    I think it's because of old firmware in the drive.
  4. tybalsinger

    tybalsinger TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, thanks for your input, that is what I was afraid it would be.

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