By danni93
Nov 24, 2008
  1. OpenGL [Please Check ]


    I am pretty new to this Computer stuffs, so to be honest I almost dont know anything about computers. Okay.

    I have this game called The specialists (A mod for Half Life) And I've played it over 2 Years with absolutely no problems. Just launched it with the renderer OpenGl and played the game ( I enjoyed it).

    Today when I tryed to launch the game and just play ( I had a 2 month long brake from the game) It went back to the resolution 640x400 , and the BitColor 16bit.
    And the renderer was on Software.

    I tryed to change back as I had before ( 800x640, 32bit, OpenGl)
    But the game just crashed and said that It couldnt support the OpenGl.
    And Still I dont know what to do.

    But a theory may be that , about a month ago, my Vlc Media player got freakked and started to lagg as **** when I had on fullscreen. So that resulted in downloading new things like (directX and other programs which I thought were good , then I think I did something wrong ) so now some of my games are freakked, like ;

    StarWars : Jedi Academy
    StarWars : Jedi Ouctast 2
    The Specialists

    Cs, Dod, and all those Steam games.

    And My Specs Are ;

    Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller 64 MB
    1.5 Gb ram
    3.2 Ghz processor

    And so on...

    (Sorry For my English, I am Finnish , But it aint as bad as Vladimir Putin )

    God bless the person who solves this problem. :)
  2. danni93

    danni93 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I just asked my friends about this problem,
    And they told me to download new drivers for the graph card.

    And I did it, and now everything works.
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