Opening a Labtop

By bluegoat
Sep 11, 2007
  1. I need to clean the keys of my labtop. I think wine got spilled on it, and all my keys get stuck. How do I open the labtop to get in there to clean the keys? I have a hp pavilion zv6000. Any ideas? or a diagram?

  2. X DarthMonkey X

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    -=Go here to download the HP service manual:

    -=Pages 107-117 detail the instructions for removal of the keyboard.

    -=Page 75 has part numbers for replacement keyboards, if you want to just replace it.

    -=Here is a link to an online store where you can buy the keyboard. It's not the lowest price, but it's a reliable vendor.

    -=If you want to look for more price and store options, hit and search for the product number for the appropriate keyboard. For the US version it is 383664-001.

    PS: *whistles* that's a long process just to remove a keyboard... Have fun and be careful. Oh, and remember that you may be voiding your warranty.
  3. BlameCanada

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    There`s a detailed guide to cleaning laptop keyboards HERE
  4. Tmagic650

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    Better yet,
    remove the laptop keyboard. Hold the entire keyboard keys and all, under warm running water for a few minutes. If the contaminants are stubborn use naptha (lighter fluid) or dish washing liquid to disolve remaining contaminants. Rinse well with warm water.

    Gently shake out any excess water and place upside down on a towel to dry completely. Reinstall the keyboard

    Desktop keyboards can be placed inside a dishwasher set on coolwash and dry, (not on the pots and pans setting) and washed. Dry them out well before plugging them back in and using them
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