Opinion - which RAM to get?

By Grafficks
Nov 13, 2006
  1. Hey everyone. I want to add some more RAM to my PC in the future, but I want to know the exact product I am planning to buy beforehand. This is where you come in :)

    I found quality memory for a cheap price. It's the OCZ Value Pro series. They are 2x512MB Dual-Channel kits. I have been trying to choose between:

    OCZ Value Pro Dual-Channel Kit DDR-533 PC-4200
    OCZ Value Pro Dual-Channel Kit DDR-667 PC-5300

    They both sell for pretty much the same price. However, the DDR-533 kit has timings of 4-4-4-12 whereas the DDR-667 kit has timings of 5-5-5-15.

    Now my question is, should I get the DDR-533 one or the DDR-667 one?

    Should I get the slightly lower clock speed of 533MHz with OK timings? Or get a higher clock speed of 667MHz and sacrafice the timings a little?

    Thanks, any ideas are welcome.
  2. Grafficks

    Grafficks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 302

    Bump :)

    Yup, I still need your opinions :D
  3. Op2

    Op2 TS Rookie Posts: 86

    Hello Grafficks,

    I would go for the the DDR-533 with timings of 4-4-4-12 for sure. The fact speak itself, so the DDR-533 will be better choice.

    However, you spoke of the future, then I suggest you to buy 2 x 1gb memory cards, with the Cas Latency of at least 2.5.

  4. wolfram

    wolfram TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,967   +9

    Maybe if you can lower those timings on that 667 RAM, it would be the best choice.

    Hey Op2,
    You should upgrade your lovely Dimension with the 6200 card. It will wipe the floor with the FX5500 :)
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