Opteron 165 problem and emachines T6216

By magictorch
Apr 4, 2007
  1. Hi all,
    I tried to upgrade my t6216 (3200+, MSI K8NGM2-L to an opteron 165-it should work see ( My PSU is an ATX coolermaster rated at 29amps on the dual 12v rails and 430 watts with a BFG7950GT card and just the one internal hardrive. The opteron did not even POST though. I had my bios updated by emachines in July 2006. Emachines won't answer any questions about the bios and its been greyed out all over the place, I suspect this is the problem? Any ideas on how to get this processor working? I have a technician to help me. Otherwise I will just get a new motherboard and case as i cant see any microATX boards that are worthwhile buying if i get a new board. I will be using the opteron for statistical modelling using large datasets in R "not overclocking" although a little bit wouldnt hurt with a good board.
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    i do have a new PSU, but looks like the mainboard is a bit dodgy. I think ill salvage what i can from this emachines and abandon ship-build another around the processor...socket 939 components seem to be quite cheap right now online. dont think ill ever buy OEM again, the motherboard and cpu on this blew in 3 months!! but it was under warranty
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    Try this... turn off all power to the system. Then remove the CMOS battery and all of the RAM. Plug the system back in without the RAM or battery. Turn on the system. Let it run 20-30 seconds. Turn it off/remove all power again. Insert the RAM and then insert the CMOS battery. turn on the system. If it doesn't work, then there is probably something wrong with the motherboard, or it is proprietary.
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