Original hard drive as "slave"-- no access

By stitchintricia
Jun 22, 2010
  1. When the motherboard on my 3 yr old pc died recently, I wasn't sure how to troubleshoot and find the problem, so I hired a computer tech to come out and do repairs. At his suggestion, I purchased a gently used Dell tower from him, and he installed the best parts from my system to the "new" one. (hard drive, after market power supply, DVD drives.)

    However, he installed my 250 Gig hard drive as slave to the 75 Gig hard drive already in the machine. Sounded okay to me--- until I realized that I cannot access anything that is on the "slave" drive! At first, I thought that was because my original pc had been password protected-- so he sent me instructions to go into SAFE mode and remove all passwords. I followed his instructions-- still no joy~

    He has promised to come back and fix things-- but it has been a week and I really would love to be able to use my machine.

    Any suggestions? (Please don't tell me to 'shoot the tech,' -- I might be tempted!:))

    Thank you,

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