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By tpw
Jan 12, 2009
  1. Not sure where this belong if this wrong place please remove.

    I was trying to put my emails stuff into window live mail and most of it i could but but the sent email that show what i emails i sent was it showing so i decide to stick with useing outlook. I see every thing but sent email now in outlook express but when i go to my computer and open my outlook express email. I see alot icon i see sent items .dbx the file is 112 mb. In their but can really open it almost seem like i need import this file in outlook any body have any ideas how to fix this. I trying importing it but it hard to fine when i try to import from outlook express and when i do it say some thing like cant because outlook open some thing like that so if some one can give step by step and i am useing outlook express 6 thanks. iF YOU HAVE ANY INSTANT MESSANGER CAN I GET YOUR USERNAME AND WHICH ONE THANKS.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    I think this recent thread will help you: Outlook Express database repair tool

    Or try this:

    By right clicking and selecting "Save As" Download this small TOOL (this is safe to use)
    Fully close Outlook Express

    Run the newly downloaded "open_oe_store.vbs"
    When the folder opens
    Right click on "Sent Items.dbx" and select rename
    Type in SentOLD.dbx (actually the name doesn't matter)

    Close the folder
    Open Outlook Express

    Is it now OK ?

    By the way, from doing the above "Sent Items" DBX Folder inside Outlook Express will be totally new (with nothing inside of it)
  3. tpw

    tpw TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 107

    So i wont get my sent message back showing in outlook express if i do above. Also just case you did it understand i seen the sent box in outlook just messages inside of it not their no more when i try to import all my stuff to window mail.Imported every thing but i did it see my sent messages in window mail so i thought they was still in outlook but i dont see my sent message but see sent box and i still you my inbox email so i dont see why it would delet sent message and not out messages so i think i have to maybe re import them maybe like i said i see under my computer in outlook folder i see sent item icon that is 112 mb so i think it still their.
  4. Bobbye

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    Time wise, I'm not sure when the above was posted. It was a reply to a PM.

    tpw, IF the Sent Box Store Folder is corrupt, you are going to have to remove it and let OE create a new one.112Mb is a huge amount of data to try and export/import from OE to Windows Mail. Try the repair kimsland has offered.

    I will suggest that if you want to keep specific emails-received or sent-that you copy them and move them out of OE/WinMail- paste to Wordpad and save.
  5. tpw

    tpw TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 107

    I think i might found another way to fix this i come back and let you all know thanks.
  6. Bobbye

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    Well, I see you edited your post where you said you wouldn't have anything left on the Sent store folder. I would have asked you what good it is doing you now since you can't get into it. If you find a fix, be sure and let us know.
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