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P4P-800SE Start-up Problem

By Merc14 ยท 11 replies
Sep 26, 2005
  1. I recently built my wife a new system using the Asus P4P-800SE motherboard. Everything works fine and it is a solid performer...except for one thing. After sitting for awhile (overnight) it refuses to turn on from the main power button. The system will spin up and fans spin, etc. but there is no video whatsoever. Hit the reset button and it comes up with no problem. Also, if sitting for a short time it turns on with no problem from the main power button most of the time. Temps are very low and there is more than enough PSU to go around. BIOS is latest version. Anyone have a clue about this problem. BTW, I RMAed this mobo for this problem, as well as others, and the second board has the same behavior (not the same board, it came from a different retailer).
    Specs are :
    Asus P4P-800SE motherboard
    P4 2.6GHZ Northwood
    2x512mb Corsair XMS 3200CPT DDR 400 RAM
    PNY-6800 AGP w/ Zalman 700 AlCu (problem occurred before this mod and after)
    Fortron Blue Storm 500W PSU (very solid unit I highly recommend it)
    1 160GB WD SATA HDD
    Lian Li PC60A Plus Case. (Used on another system with no problem)
  2. bruce.morris

    bruce.morris TS Rookie

    Let's hope we both get help

    I have the same mobo w/p4 3.01ht, 1ghz pc3200 ddr, NVidea GForce FX5200 w/128mg ddr, 500watt power supply, XP Pro.
    All was working well until it started doing things like restarting during boot-up.
    Lately when I cold boot it'll power -up for a few seconds then shut off. I have to power down power strip and wait until green light on board goes out to restart. This sequence goes on a few times and then it just goes on like nothings wrong.
    Some of the odd things I've noticed is, when it finally starts up, during the boot posting after identifing all the hardware there is a warning " Overclocking failed. Press F1 to enter setup or press F2 to restore defaults. Since I've never messed with any of the Bios settings (all default or auto) I'm wondering where this is coming from.
    Another thing is when XP starts it sometimes does a CHKDSK even though it hadn't been booted into windows before.
    I've taken to leaving it on and just logging off. Sometimes it'll go for days without shutting itself off, sometimes after a few hours, once or twice it's shutdown while in use.
    My initial thought was a cold- soldier joint that could have a hairline crack or a short but the error messages and the CHKDSK's have me wondering. Could it be a BIOS issue? Or an OS issue? Power supply?
    Thing is, I've built an exact clone for my kids and there's no problems.
  3. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 171

    Asus told me that this is a "simple failure to POST" due to a short, such as a mounting screw touching a circuit etc. Bull. I have mounted two of these boards in a known good case hooked up to a known good PSU. Same exact problem. I am going to get a new battery today and try that even though it is a brand new board (can always use a spare battery anyways). Seems like a long shot I know but I have played with BIOS settings a lot and this problem never changes. This morning it booted up fine from the min power switch.
  4. bruce.morris

    bruce.morris TS Rookie

    I think I've got it.

    Well tell ya what I just did.
    I started with pulling cards and reinstalling one by one, no change.
    Finally, since I have a clone system I swapped power supplies and guess
    what? So far so good.
    shut down and restarted no problem. gonna leave running for a while and see
    if it decides to shut itself off. CHECK THE POWER SUPPLY. It could be just
    Keeping my fingers crossed, Bruce.
  5. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 171

    Great, let us know if it goes bad again or just PM me. I checked my PSU and it is fine. No fluctuations. plenyty of watts and amps, it is a solid performer (Fortron Blue Storm 500). Used a multi meter to verify. PSU's are the trouble in aboout 70% of the problems I help folks with.
  6. golatac

    golatac TS Rookie

    And now there are three......

    I have a P4P 800SE which I have been running for three years. When I first purchased my motherboard, I too had experienced the same problems that both of you had. The problems went away and everything was fine for a year and a half, then the rebooting started again. I replaced the inferior PSU (300W) with a 460W with SATA power and was fully operational again. Now the ugly demon has come back with a vengeance. I have proceeded to remove three of my four hard drives, both CD roms, the floppy, and left only the video card and 512MB of ram in the system only to find that the motherboard still reboots. I was just wondering if either of you found a solution to your troubles. I think mine is just a used up motherboard, but I have not ruled out the possibility that it may be the CPU. I would be glad to help with any knowledge that I have regarding different configurations with the board.
  7. firefox

    firefox TS Rookie

    asus p4p800 se going crazy

    i have this motherboard too
    i don't even have the window intalled yet
    it just won't come up at all
    until one day it did
    but still have the same problem you guys have
    i was wondering if it just a bad ground that the motherboard needs....?
    waiting on
  8. golatac

    golatac TS Rookie

    My problem was bad components on the motherboard.. I sent it back because it was still under warranty and when the board made it back, it was the same MB. I recognized my board right away and noticed that there were a few components replaced. I think it may have been because of the first *Cheep* psu and too much heat. I try to keep the temp of the board below 110 and monitor the temp with PC Probe.. It is back up and works like a champ...
  9. howdyhowy

    howdyhowy TS Enthusiast Posts: 29

    Hi Asus fans :) Got the same board for 3 years now and I just noticed with these boards you have to scratch the heat pads off the chipsets cooler and the processor cooler and put a discent paste on them. About every 6 months I replace the paste to make sure it dont clump up.The regulators left from processor gets hot too so a fan would expand the life of these boards and also the southbridge chip get hot too, a stick on cooler would do good for that problem.Like I said I have mine 3 years and I'm very satisfied with this board :) I even oc my prescott 2.4 to 3.6ghz and its still going strong so with my tips I hope you will have alot of pleasure with your boards too:) If your interested in my setup then look at my gallery and see how mine looks like and also benchmarks is there too, to compare:) Also these boards have the temp control and if it gets too hot for some reason it will reboot thanks to the asic feature .Good luck.
  10. firefox

    firefox TS Rookie

    Thank you for support

    I got the screen up on the monitor
    it was the mouse I had it installed
    for some reason the mouse would not let the pc start up
    I had taken the keyboard out and the mouse
    then everything came up
    in bios I set up the mouse now it power up with no problem
    now I keep getting a boot messege maybe the sata driver or the window it need.
    I have no driver for the sata HD western cavier 160G
    I guess the factory forgot to send it
    just my lucky day I guess
    I need to get a window in it for gaming should I get the XP or the Vista
    I have for a system the following
    ASUS P4P800/SE-UAYZ (Motherboard)
    ASUS NN6600/TD/256M/A (Video card)
    3.2 CPU PENTIUM 4 INTEL w/hyper-treading 800 MHz
    450W PSU ANTEC
    2 GB of memory Kingston PC3200 DDR400 DIMM 400 MHz
    1 CD/DVD ROM ( Hitachi )
    1 CD/DVD RW ( Pioneer )
    1 floppy, keyboard and mouse yep that same mouse Ha HA HA.
    I just have to make a better mouse trap.
    I plan to have this for a game called Everquest, ( and maybe Warcraft ).
    I not planning to over clock it at all. ( unless I really have to ).
    Thank you
    Golatac and Howdyhowdy for your feedback and support it will not go to waste.
  11. howdyhowy

    howdyhowy TS Enthusiast Posts: 29

    Glad to help
  12. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    stay with XP as u will have less problems, Vista will be fixed give it time.
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