Page fault in non page crap

By imbelo
Oct 11, 2005
  1. hey... was hoping for some help here... i keep getting this page fault blue screen

    something to do with win32k.sys

    its a 0x00000050 error...

    i noticed that it usually happens when i watch movies and stuff like that
  2. yogi_bear

    yogi_bear TS Rookie

    Sorry but "hey... was hoping for some help here" is not really the best way to ask! A please and thank you would be nice!! Also, you have not really given enough information. For example the operating system you use, memory you have, processor, what program you are using to watch your movies with?

    Have you got the up to date drivers for your graphics card. The web site of the manufacturer will have them on their. So, please give more information. Thank you!
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