Paid for Titan Quest Gold + CD key Missing

By txfloodman
Oct 27, 2008
  1. CD key for IT was Missing - purchased game at Gamestop- took game back -but since it was opened (hello) they would not take it back - told me to go online and contact the manufacturer ! I did - they sent me an email and told me that the problem is with Gamestop- and that I would have to get the key from them . Called Gamestop and told them - they replied they didn't have anymore copies in stock and didn't even begin to offer to fix the problem. So now I have a game (IT) that I can't play because I don't have the game key.
    Does anyone know where i can get a used game key so i can play the game on my pc -don't care if i can't use it online -just want to play offline .
  2. CCT

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    Were I you (which obviously I am not, but hey!) I would draft a letter to the manager at Gamestop and send a copy to Gamestop headquarters, AND a copy to any local Better Business Bureau that exists, outlining the problem, what you have attempted and the lack of results.

    Then indicate you feel you will have to take legal action if they will not do the 'right thing' and resolve this issue honourably.

    Give them a deadline of 3 weeks - make sure they have a return address and your phone number.

    I truly would.
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