Palit 9600 GT 1gb Sonic

By Shinrya
Nov 24, 2008
  1. Ok here is my problem

    I just got a new computer for my birthday form my husband. It came with a ECS GF7050VT-M mobo in it. I am currently running a nVidia 8500 in it and it runs fine. He bought me a Palit 9600 GT 1gb Sonic card to put in it.

    After plugging it in and connecting it nothing displays on my screen. My monitor just says Check Signal cable. I tried it in the second slot and right into the mobo but nothing works. Plugged back in the 8500 and it works great.

    I got in contact with the company that we bought the computer from and he said that it should work because they have installed them on this mobo before.

    Are these 2 jsut not compatible? Or am I missing something? I'm not super tech savvy but I know how to plug in stuff. Even had my husband check to make sure I did it right and he said I did. Any ideas at all? Please help me,

  2. Shinrya

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    Anyone plz help me before I send it back
  3. EXCellR8

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    The card should work, but you'll need to uninstall the drivers for the 8500 before you try the 9600 in the slot. The reason you are getting nothing on screen is because the computer doesn't know what to do with the new card with the previous 8 series drivers still installed. Once, the old drivers are uninstalled, the card should work fine and you will need to install the corresponding drivers for the 9600 afterward.

    You can get the new drivers here -
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