passive cooling for amd 5200 65 watt ?

By Row1
Oct 23, 2007
  1. hello-
    does anyone have experience using passive cooling on the 55 watt AMD AM2 5200 chip?

    I am making a computer for my father, who wants the computer on the desk, so he doesn't have to crawl down to insert a dvd or to plug in a device. So I am making a quiet computer.

    This chip should not run very hot, so I want to figure out a good passive cooling device.

  2. Tmagic650

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    These 55 watt AMD AM2 5200 chips run hotter than you think, a passive cooler would be massive. There are plenty of "normal" HSF combinations that are quiet enough
  3. Cinders

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  4. Row1

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    gemini on the way...

    wow your recommendation was so great i have already ordered the gemini ;)

    just kidding - i did order one of these passive coolers yesterday, since it was free-after-rebate. if it doesn't work well, i will just put it on a bookshelf as a little sculpture. but at least it gives the option of using a fan if the general case airflow is not adequate.

    i am going to have at least two 120mm fans. i am gonna play around with locations to see what works best. i am just gonna watch what component gets closest to top of operating range, then address that component, and see if other components are ok. -Row1
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