Password protection at boot

By AlbertLionheart
May 22, 2008
  1. Anyone know how to get round a boot password (not BIOS)?
    I have a bona fide client who allowed a mate (?) to set a Windows XP password on the system which he has now forgotten. I can access the drive on another system and hope there is a way to kill the password file so the thing will boot without it.
    Any ideas, anyone?
  2. Lover

    Lover TS Rookie

    sys password...

    Hello AlbertLionheart...

    there is some other ways to remove the sys password.

    Firstly, you need a herin boot Cd, you might find it here somewhere.

    Secondly, remove the battery from the mother board and keep it out for some time.

    I hope it's been clear to you...

  3. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    Albert is this the user password?

    If so check the administrator account when you boot safe mode, he may not have set one there.

    Go to command prompt

    Type net user which will display a list of usernames.

    Find the one you are looking for, type net user username for them all.

    Type net user /HELP for more info.
    To reset the password type net user username * where username is the username you want to reset.

    For no password, leave blank.

    Now, reboot and you can login as that user.
  4. zipperman

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    What i see at Bootup

    Have you been there ?
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