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By jotpilot
Jun 1, 2003
  1. I've got a Gigabyte GA-7VA with a Pally 2000, just about to upgrade to a thoroughbred 2600 (333fsb). However, currently I have no name PC2100 RAM - is the system likely to run at 333 fsb, or will a RAM upgrade also be necessary? I was going to get a stick of Samsung PC2700 as I will be running the fsb and ram synch'd.

  2. JSR

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    2700 is 333 memory.....consider if you are going to overclock........if so/ should also be able to dial in cas 2.......even if you get 2.5 with a samsung module......not a certainty.......but a possibilty
  3. MrGaribaldi

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    I'd say go with the samsung PC 2700 (as long as your mobo supoprts it)...

    It should give you bette results than what you would see with the PC2100...
  4. Arris

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    You can always test the system with the PC2100 ram and see if that will run 333Mhz. I recently sold some cheap generic ram to someone and they put a heatspreader on it and are running it at PC2700/333Mhz without any problems. You can always get the ram later, unless your worried about the individual delivery costs ;)
  5. Steg

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    u always want ur ram to be the same speed or faster than ur FSB - if it isnt then the chip is waiting idle for information from that ram = wasted clock cycles.
    i would recommend Corsair TwinX DDR2700 CAS 2 RAM - very very fast


    p.s - make sure u get the Low Latency version - my standard ram (Corsair DDR2700 CAS 2 RAM) will create game errors and spontanious reboots in NWN and other games when running at (6-2-2-T2)
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