PC Crash, Monitor Showing No Signal

By Clinkzehffs
Jan 29, 2010
  1. I carried my pc over my mom's house today, it was working fine and then when I was on my regular basis chatting on MSN, the screen went black and the monitor showed No Signal, although the mp3 was still playing for 10 20 seconds, after 10 20 seconds the mp3 got stuck as well, i resetted pc, it happened after some hours again, again, and its happening again and again. It never happened in my old house. I checked all cards and stuff if anything moved or something. The only difference is that I got a different monitor here, and since the monitor cable doesn't suit my 8800gts, I use a converter for it to fit. What would be the problem?
    *Got only 1x 2gb ram stick since when I pushed another one in, most likely the pc crashed randomly, the same way it crashes now (no signal, music plays for some) (at least that was the case 5 months ago, using 1x ram for 5 months so don't know anything changed)
    *Creative sound card which I dont use
    *An ethernet card
    *And 8800gts
    *Intel core 2 duo processor

    Thanks already.

    Edit: Format fixed it, weird.
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