PC crashes while playing Call of Duty 4

By wa1ker
May 26, 2008
  1. Built a new pc about a 1 and a half weeks ago. No problems at all until i started to play call of duty 4. As im playing the game usually after about 2/3 hours of playing on and off suddenly the monitor will just go black onto stand-by like the PC is turned off, but its not its still on. And the sound just repeats its self in a loop like its crashed. The only way to fix it is to restart the PC, but the problem keeps re-accuring. At first i thought it could be a overheating problem, but my GFX card hardly goes over 45C and the CPU around 34C.


    Abit IP35 mobo

    8800GT 512MB

    2GB Crucial Ballistix

    Intel E4500 @ stock /w decent cooler

    Seagate 250GB HDD

    Coolermaster 330elite case /w Coolermaster 460W eXtreme PSU.
  2. wa1ker

    wa1ker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Bump, seem to be getting worse and happens much more frequent.
  3. skitzo_zac

    skitzo_zac TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 418

    Make sure you have the latest drivers for all your hardware, and the latest patch for CoD4.

    Also the other thing is are you running a firewall or something that might be asking if the application can perform a certain task. I know that Comodo firewall can be a B***h like that sometimes.
  4. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,481   +44

    this was happening to me, although my card is better, I had no heat issues, I had to downclock my card, didnt see much difference in performance but it stopped the crashes. I love that game
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