Pc failed to start, leave it for 30 mins it starts.Powersupply, Power Button, Or MOBO

By DeepBlu
Sep 23, 2007
  1. Hello ,

    I am facing a problem with my pc during the last week, I worked in connecting PCs for 2 years , and I know what I'm doing.

    its my own pc I had 5 years ago,

    problem begun when I tried to start my pc one day , and it failed to start no fans activity and dead slience , played with the vga card , rams, processor's heat sink , nothing , so I removed the only pci card I got "a modem" , unplugged all power plugs from HD and cd, floppy , left just the ATX power and the aux ,cleared cmos nothing happened still dead, so , I got the Motherboard out of the chassis , and after some trials , its back to life , so I got it back to the chassis , and it worked , from that point , my pc always fail to shutdown or restart , when I try to shut down it stops responding on windows is shutting down , even when I hit the restart button on the chassis, the display don't come back and I hear random beeps out of the chassis speaker ;not sign to anything just random and no POST, so I have always to unplug the powerplug from PSU coz it has no power switch, and even after I unplug power , and replug it and i press power button sometimes fans goes on with no POST, and no display and sometimes nothing like no fans activity unplug the power from PSU and replug again and I make a lil surge with it while plugging and then fans are back working with no POST and no display.

    continously trying gets no use , what I am doing currently is to unplug the power plug from the PSU , and leave the pc like 20 Mins , and then plug the power plug hit the power button , Traa!!! and everything is working normally.

    But while pc is working don't ever think to restart or shutdown because if I do , I will have to wait another 20 mins to get it back working... :S:S:S

    Is this is the PSU? or my motherboard is touching the chassis?! chassis power button? if it is , why it works after 20 mins waiting without making a single change?!?!

    Is it related to static electricity? , the CPU heat is always normal , and my pc never act wierdly while running, problems just starts when trying to shutdown so it won't be back to life before a while like 20 mins unplugging the powerplug off the PSU, do I have to change the PSU before it fries my MOBO , or its just a mean static electricity issue or what? I just upgraded RAM and the PC performance got significantly improved but this problem is headache.

    I'm doubting the PSU and even the power cable , please advise I'm getting mad

    Configuration is:
    1.6 Pentium 4
    384 MB RD-RAM samsung 800 MHZ 4 RIMMs: 1 & 3 128MB and RIMMS 2 & 4 64MB
    MOBO Gigabyte GA-8ITX3
    Motorolla SM56 fax
    ATX 250w PSU
  2. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 886   +13

    i think it has to do with either mobo or PSU.
    power button alone i don;t think would be the issue because your computer starts at 20-30 mins afterwards... if the power button is out of order, i don't even think you could start the computer..

    so.. basically i could say that your pc is quite old., 3-5 years old perhaps.... which indicate that psu might be gtting bad....
    try to swap a new PSU and see whether it works...

    or rather wait what some people comment about this... :D
    anyway, welcome to techspot!! :)
  3. DeepBlu

    DeepBlu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    What would you think will be wrong with the mobo ? last time when I mounted it I just used 2 screws...but you strengthen my decision buying a new psu saving the mobo from frying even if it wasn't the problem, I'm currently leaving my pc always on so I don't stuck with it till I get the new psu, I will try and tell you, hope it works.
  4. Firedawg1971

    Firedawg1971 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Most likely it is the PSU which I have seen do before ( I suggest taking just the psu to your local shop and have them test it) My bet it is the -5 volt rail, Also take a good look at the caps on the mobo since it is a gigibyte mobo (during that time manufacture boards were known to have bad caps)
  5. puffader

    puffader TS Rookie Posts: 42

    Get a new battery for the MoBo
  6. DeepBlu

    DeepBlu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Do you mean caps that screws goes in firedawg? and what's the -5 volts rail? nobody around fixes PSUs, so if I changed it would it fix that? you know , what makes me hmm about the psu is that I'm currently working with it

    Well puffader , sounds a good idea too , that could be made b4 the psu, it's easy and the time on windows is going bad also, but I didn't adjust it from cmos after I reseted it. coz if I entered the cmos , display is off and not on till the 20 mins, but still cmos keeping its other configuration , I guess if I could adjust the time from cmos it would be stable , but it's a good idea to change the battery to exclude it, I will do it and tell you
  7. Firedawg1971

    Firedawg1971 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    The caps = capictors

    this link should explain. Take the PSU to a local shop the can test it for free. nobody works on them but they can test them to sell you as replacement. and a mobo battery would be a waste of 3-4 dollars.
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