PC freezes in games

By Boglya
Apr 20, 2006
  1. Hellow!

    I bought a new pc and it runs perfectly, except that it freezes in some games. I have an a64 3400+ (s754), 2*1 gb corsair valueselect, sapphire x1800xtpe, asus k8n4-e mb, 40gb maxtor and 160gb samsung hdd, 500w coolink psu.
    Call of duty 2 freezes after about 30 minutes, Far cry and Oblivion freezes mostly indoors and after 5 minutes. Call of Chtulhu also froze once, but just after 3 hours. Quake 4, TR: Legend and NFSMW are going fine.
    I tried nearly everything: installed latest direct x, latest videocard and motherboard driver, I disabled the soundcard, usb, and networking controller, underclocked cpu, vga, memory and turned the fans to the max (temperatures are normal), ran memtest86, bought new psu (I had a 400w chieftec before), tried another memory-stick.
    I don't know if it's the same problem, but if I overclock my cpu, 3dmark tests are quitting with errormassages or the pc just restarts, and games are freezing faster (even if I add more voltage to the cpu). Another weird thing, that if I turn off v-sync in games or run cpu-test in 3d-mark, I hear some noises from the cpu (electric scretches), which happen exactly the same times as a new picture is drawn on the screen. Oh, and if I don't have ffdshow installed on my system, some videos (mostly mpegs) guess what will they do? Freeze the system.
    Huhh, so if anybody has a possible solution, please help! Thanks.
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