PC internet cuts out when playing games

By Jacob M Lara
Nov 18, 2015
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  1. So whenever I decide to play a pc game now for some reason it makes my internet disconnect from my pc for maybe 10 seconds or so then it comes right back up like nothing happened. This happens with all online games I have tried including Black Ops 3, League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm. It does not happen when I am using other things like Netflix, Twitch, YouTube or Skype. If anyone could help with this problem I would appreciate it immensely because it is driving me crazy trying to fix this problem.
  2. PaulH

    PaulH TS Rookie

    What I would do is get Ping Plotter (the free version) or use command prompt, get an ip address of the server of whatever game you're having issues with and run that ip address in Ping Plotter to see if you're getting packet loss. Basically run a trace route.
  3. Pretermission

    Pretermission TS Rookie

    Did you ever find out the issue?The same exact thing has been happening to me recently.

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