PC wont boot past the emachines splash screen

By jaredhehehehe
Mar 29, 2008
  1. My computer was originally an emachines, but its pretty much a mutt now.I have changed or upgraded virtually everything in it accept for the mobo and the HDD. This morning, I was changing the case and now it wont boot up. I get stuck on the emachines splash screen and all my fans come on, and the lights on the keyboard flash once, but nothing else happens. I cannot go into the bios, my HDD led does not come on, I can hear the HDD spinning though. if I hold down the tab key while trying to boot, it goes to the boot screen and tries to boot, but gets stuck when it cannot detect the IDE drives. the mobo light does not come on. if i take out the ram sticks, it does make a sound indicating that there is no memory. if i hold down the F11 key while booting, it makes a constant beeping sound. I have tried switching out the PSU, but got the same results. Other than that, I cannot get it to do anything.

    is my motherboard fried?
  2. captaincranky

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    Elaborate on "changing the case". I'm interpreting, I took everything apart and moved moved it to a new box, in which case there's plenty of mistakes you could have made.
  3. jaredhehehehe

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    Yes i moved everything but the PSU to the new case. When I disconnected the mobo, I took special care in noting where everything was plugged in to ensure that i plugged everything back in the same spot.
  4. captaincranky

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    Oh Dear......,

    I'd check again. Sometimes people forget to plug in the 4 wire processor plug and it does something like you're describing. The other possibility is that you shorted the motherboard on the case. Check your motherboard standoffs. Or, you didn't take proper anti-static precautions and have done damage to critical parts. Which is stating the obvious, since they're all critical. You may have knocked a RAM module loose, a plug not seated, like that.

    This is the same computer in another box. There's no reasonable explanation for what has happened unless you missed something.
  5. jaredhehehehe

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    I fixed the problem. I didn't put in the stand-offs. I didn't think about them because they were built into the original case. they were just raised bumps that you screwed the mobo into. thanks anyways. though.
  6. captaincranky

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    Yeah Right.......

    Based on that, I suppose I should say "You're welcome anyways".
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    e-crap machines are notorious for blowing motherboards due to bad power supplies.
    I suspect, however, your directory is corrupt. run CHKDSK from your windows CD.
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