PC3200 Running at 333Mhz?????NOT 400MHz??

By Mtyson8
Dec 22, 2005
  1. I have a 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 computer that has 400MHz memory, Dual CHannel. It came with 2 128s(256 total), @400MHz. It has 4 slots. Last year I added 2 Infineon 512s, pc3200, and it worked, 1280MB@400mhz.(1024+256). Ive recently bought 2 more 512, to replace the 2 128s, and now it runs at 333mhz. Any suggestions???
    Also, to answer some questions your gonna ask...The new memory is Kingston HyperX PC3200, for sure. Im aware of using PC2700s with 3200s will drop pc3200 to 2700 speed. But thats not the case. The kingston by themselves run at 400mhz.
    But when I pair it (HyperX, that is)with the infineons, its 2048@333mhz. Also, when i pair it with the 128s, its still 1280@333mhz. Ive also updated my bios to the newest version.
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Check your mobo manual for supported ram configurations.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. Arcanum

    Arcanum TS Rookie Posts: 181

    Have you tried forcing the RAM speed at 400MHz in the BIOS?

    Probably the MoBo is on auto setting, so it's readjusting/lowering the frequency to increase compatibility, if you're sure all of the sticks are 400MHz rated - force the frequency from the bios.
  4. Mtyson8

    Mtyson8 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, But, actually, its a dell 8300 system, so you cannot change bios settings, At all, aint gonna happen. Its probably compatibillity. Ill have to just sell the HyperX.
  5. iss

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    sell the infineon the hyperX is the better memory.
  6. iluvnug

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    Alot of mobo's only support two slots at 400mhz. If you put 4 dimms in you are going to get them running at 333mhz. If you want 2 gigs of RAM you are going to have to use two 1gb dimms.
  7. Mtyson8

    Mtyson8 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, the hyperx i can sell for more, cause they are pretty much new. Also they are for overclocking, which is no use to me, they just have pretty heat sinks. Also, about 4 slots running at 333mhz, but 2 slots at 400, i know all 4 can have memory in them and run at 400. Here is what i tried..all dual channel
    Slot0 128 400
    slot1 none
    Slot2 128 400 result is 256 at 400
    slot3 none

    Slot0 512 infin 400
    slot1 128 400
    Slot2 512 infin 400 result is 1280 at 400
    slot3 128 400

    Slot0 512 hYPX 400
    slot1 512 infin 400
    Slot2 512 hypX 400 result is 2048 at 333
    slot3 512 infin 400

    Slot0 512 hYPX 400
    slot1 none
    Slot2 512 hYPX 400 result is 1024 at 400
    slot3 none

    Slot0 512 hYPX 400
    slot1 128 400
    Slot2 512 hYPX 400 result is 1280 at 333
    slot3 128 400
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