PC's usb ports not detecting usb or removable devices

By siicogamer
Jun 14, 2008
  1. HI,

    My Problem:
    Okay this is the problem, my usb ports dont seem to read my usb device, theres nothing wrong with the ports because when the computer is booting up the flash drive flickers as if it were active, but when in windows it doesnt detect it.
    Another problem i have is that, in Device manager there is no Serial and bus controllers tab,

    Any ideas?
  2. LookinAround

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    - What is the make and model of your computer?

    - Which operating system are you running?

    /* Edit */ - Ooops, never mind. I see you have already included a system profile.
  3. CCT

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    That would be the 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' tab? You don't have a USB keyboard/mouse?

    In C:\Windows\system32]drivers you should have:


    and other usb drivers.

    To ensure that all necessary basic Windows drivers are there, you can use the command line entry 'sfc /scannow'. I would suggest that you disconnect ALL unecessary USB devices, run that command (have your XP Pro disk ready) and reboot once that completes.

    Oh - and you should have SP2 installed.
  4. siicogamer

    siicogamer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes, i do have a usb keyboard and mouse but i cant plug them in, they dont read, so i used an old adapter.

    I don't have these.. But ive installed usb 2.0, it still doesnt work..
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