Peoples opinions on small business anti-virus

By resu
Nov 13, 2008
  1. Hi,

    We are comping to the end of our anti-virus subscription and I have decided to see if theres anything else out there.

    we currently use
    e-trust anti-virus by computer associates and although it seems to be doing its job it has let a few things slip through the net
    also I'm not very keen on the way it handles infections by not notifying the user and dealing with it "behind my back" kind of thing. I know that sounds stupid but i like to know whats going on with my system. Its handy to know that a site maybe infected so that i can make other colleagues aware instead of increasing the risk of infection.

    This brings me on to Avast! I've use the home edition of avast for ages and I love the way it works. the on-access protection etc are so handy. I love the way that avast will tell you when its found something or when the site is dodgy!

    nyway do you think avast is a good idea to go with the business' security or should we just stick to e-trust

    or does anyone have any suggestions?

    thanks for your time

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