Phantom console unveiled

By Julio Franco
Aug 19, 2003
  1. I believe we have reported on this rumoured console in the past year or so, this time however they are releasing some actual information and a video so we can learn more about 'Phantom' (spotted at Neowin):

    Phantomâ„¢ is the next-generation game console that supports PC games, games on-demand, game rentals, game demos and seamless upgrades. It is the fastest game console on the market and includes a broad selection of pre-loaded games.
  2. Gnerma

    Gnerma TS Rookie

    Ya know I don't even see this as a console really. If you think about it its just a highly tweaked x86 PC with a pretty case and some cool features. Oh.. and likely the inability to do all the other cool stuff a PC can do :rolleyes:
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