Picture freezes when watching videos online

  1. When I download and watch YouTube clips, although the dialogue is continuous the picture freezes for a fraction of a second every few seconds.

    This fault also manifests itself when I view non-YouTube video such as BBC iPlayer and other TV catch-up software on Firefox, IE and Chrome.

    My computer is a Dell Dimension 1100. Its operating system is Windows XP.

    Recently I had an additional 1GB fitted to my processor. I wonder, could the fault have anything to do with this? I doubt it, as the computer has been performing a lot faster since the RAM was added.

    I’ve tried completely removing Flash Player and reinstalling it from Adobe’s website. This didn’t work.

    I’ve tried reinstalling Flash player from Adobe’s website. This didn’t work.

    I’ve updated my Java software. This didn’t work.

    I’ve updated my video driver. This didn’t work.

    Can anyone advise me on how to iron out this glitch?

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