Please Help - Missing Sytem Restore

By JuneBug
Nov 27, 2008
  1. Hello, Board !
    I'm in desperate need of advice if anyone can kindly help me out
    I'm running WINDOWS XP, HOME EDITION, SP3.
    While I was trying to delete the unwanted BricoPack Xp theme which I downloaded. I went into (my default) D:\WINDOWS\BricoPackUninst.cmd and stupidly double clicked this file. The CMD black screen appeared and started running. Unfortunately, it wiped not only the BricoPack but everything else along with it(i.e SYSTEM RESTORE, ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, VOLUME CONTROL...e.t.c.). However, everything works fine except for those forementioned files/appplicantions being unaccessible (missing). I went back to D:\WINDOWS\System32\restore\rstrui.exe file and run it from there. The System Restore page opened but it is completely blank(empty). It is my most important file, SYSTEM RESTORE. Can someone help me on how to retrieve it so I can access it and restore my computer to the prior working condition?

    Any advice at all would tremendously appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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