please help , new hard drive not showing up

By SethL52
Sep 22, 2005
  1. I recently formated my computer due to it being well a stupid computer :) however last time i had this computer in the shop I had a 120 gig hard drive added to the 60 gig hard drive i already have... However the 120 gig drive wont show up. When it was in the shop right before I left i booted it up and it was doing the same thing, the guy there ran some program from startup to ... well what i think was some sort of partion thing to get the computer to recognise the drive as D. I need the computer to recgonise D because i put all my stuff such as music and games on the D drive. Now it wont show up and im in dire need of assistance. I dont really wana take it to the shop so they can run some simple program and charge me for it. someone please help me and i will be forever grateful!
  2. SethL52

    SethL52 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    fixed it ....

    i fixed it .. im an *****... just had to install the right driver
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