plz can someone tell me whts my problem is, is it ram or something else

By fajoo24
Feb 5, 2006
  1. Hello,

    Plz can someone tell what's going on with my system. I had 2 sticks of rams previously (256 mb hynix ddr pc3200+256 mb flash ddr pc3200) installed in my system but when i play games like COD2, Black n white 2, quake 4, after sometime they crash to the desktop n this happens every time i play them. I have win xp sp2 OS. I tried these games with 1 256 mb stick only (either 1) and games were not crashing. I also tried a friend's 512 mb kingston in 1 slot only and it worked fine. I thought that bcoz my ram brands r different thts y it is happening. However, i recently sold hynix 256 mb n grab a new flash 512 mb pc3200. now my both rams r of same brand i.e Flash and the total ram is now 768 mb. (I forgot to mention that i have 2 mem slots in mobo), but i m facing the same problem as before that the games r still crashing in the same manner as before, can someone plz tell me whts going on with my rams, i m really upset n don know wht to do :dead:

  2. KingCody

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    the RAM chips may be the same brand, but unless they are the same model as well, the timings may be different.

    run CPU-z and check your timings/latency

    run Memtest86 and check your RAM sticks for errors

    both programs are free downloads (just google for them)
  3. Tedster

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    NEVER mix brands, size, or types of memory. You'll end up with problems at best or it won't work at worst. Also RTFM for your motherboard and ensure your motherboard can accept the brand you buy. Some motherboards are picky - like ASUS.
  4. fajoo24

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    Thnx for the suggestion guys, i ll check them out n let u know.
  5. fajoo24

    fajoo24 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    hey KING can u tell me if the memtest can be run by mounting it in softwares like daemon tools, alcohol etc coz i don't hve a cd writer :D
  6. fajoo24

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    Hello once again, i m attaching some images to help u understand where lies the problem. 3 images are taken from cpu z memory info i.e general memory and then memory slot 1 and 2 images. Another image is of 'speedfan' which show voltages that my system is getting.

    I also wnt to tell u that when i change the bus of my memories from 400 to 333 mhz from BIOS then they both worked fine i.e games were not crashing but after changing the bus to 400 again, i face same problem. Plz check n lemme know. thnx

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